Soy Melts Fragrances

50 Shades: Sexy and alluring, 50 Shades is a powerful, seductive scent which will send your senses into overdrive. A masculine aftershave type fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot and cedarwood, coupled with warm leather and musk base notes.

Aloe Vera & Cucumber: The scent of crisp, cool cucumbers, refreshing green aloe, and a touch of fresh citrus blend together to create a scent as light as a summer breeze.

Angelic Whispers: A heavenly scent, layered with mandarin and bergamot on top, violet and peony in the middle, and the warmth of a light musk base to finish.

Australian Bush: Go for a walk through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance with notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus. Top Notes: Lemon, Pine Needle, Middle Notes: Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

B-Scented (type): The fragrance features bergamot, lemon, fennel, lavender, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and musk.

Baby Powder: Smells very much like Johnson & Johnson

Beach Side Christmas: Christmas by the sea, with fresh, clean peppermint and orange top notes, middle notes of musk, cedarleaf and amber with a distinctive ocean accord to bring that fresh sea air feel.  Top Notes: Peppermint, Orange, Middle Notes: Musk, Cedarleaf, Base Notes: Amber, Coconut

Beautiful (Type): A tender bouquet of Lilies and Roses, Marigold and Orange Blossoms…all warmed with a rich, woody base and brightened with a touch of citrus.

Beach – W (type): Interpretation of Bobbi Brown’s most popular fragrance. A light, delicate scent designed with notes of sand jasmine, sea spray and mandarin. Also smells like Coppertone suntan lotion.

Bedtime Bath (Type): A soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, mandarin, neroli, and lily of the valley, with notes of musk and hay

Berry Bewitching Brew:  is a spooky, bubbly, Halloween treat!  Berry Bewitching Brew begins with top notes of peach, apricot, and blackberries; middle notes of mandarin, cinnamon, and rose; and nicely balanced with just a hint of woodsy musk. 

Black Raspberry & Vanilla: A mix of sweet blackberries, raspberries with a warm creamy vanilla with notes of musk 

Brazilian Waters: This perfume-quality wearable ozonic blend combines, Top notes of bergamot, lemon, lime, and mandarin. Medium notes of green leafy notes, rose, geranium, clove Base notes of light musk and sandalwood

Bubblegum: An aroma of a sweet, juicy childhood bubblegum

Cashmere Type: is sensual, with exotic spice notes.  This sexy fragrance has notes of saffron, pimento berries, white pepper, and a lovely blend of floral, patchouli, and vanilla. Top Notes: lemon, saffron, pimento berries, white pepper Mid Notes: violet, jasmine, lily, gardenia Base Notes: vanilla, sandalwood, cashmere woods, patchouli

Chanel No. 5 (Type): Top notes include ylang-ylang and iris; with mid-notes of rose and jasmine; on base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla. Instead of the scent of flowers, Coco wanted a perfume that “reflects my personality, something abstract and unique”. She believed that a perfume should serve to spotlight a woman’s natural beauty using contrast – i.e. the artificial perfume would make the woman’s natural beauty more evident.

Chocolate Mint: Blend of creamy peppermint and vanilla with a strong down of bittersweet chocolate. 

Christmas Cookies:  smells just like a freshly-baked, buttery Christmas Cookie with frosting.  Top Notes:  butter cookie Mid Notes: buttercream Base Notes: vanilla 

Coconut Cream: A delicious summer fragrance of whipped cream and coconut topped with freshly toasted coconut sprinkles

Coconut Lime:  The ultimate refresher. A tantalising fusion of fresh coconut, and lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. 

Cool Water (Type): A refreshing & spicy fragrance with notes of amber, lavender, jasmine,  oakmoss, sandalwood, and musk

Crisp Apple Rose (Type): is a combination of ripe Pink Lady apples and delicate rose blossoms.  It is a delightful melange of fruit and flowers, supported by a base of clean musks

Elf Sweat: Is inspired by Santa’s elves.  Magical, happy, and hard-working…that would describe the personalities of Santa’s elves!  Are you ready to smell a fragrance that embraces these personality traits?  Elf sweat fragrance is a bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles to provide a unique, magical top note.  Creativity and uniqueness like you’ve never experienced!

Egyptian Musk: Simply the muskiest, sexiest, most beguiling musk blend you will ever smell. Top Notes: Pomelo, Lime. Middle Notes: Red Rose, Dandelion.  Base Notes: Musk, Myrrh

Five: Its top notes include ylang-ylang and iris; its mid notes rose and jasmine; and it’s base notes sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla

Flower Bomb (Type): Brace yourself for a floral explosion of jasmine, rose & orchid and the sweet & fresh addition of bergamot, black tea & patchouli.

Fresh Cut Roses: If you are looking for the ultimate Rose fragrance then look no further. This scent smells exactly like a freshly cut rose with the stem attached 

Frozen (type): An uplifting fruity grapefruit layer blended beautifully with neroli. A subtle background of a soft rose without being overly floral.

Froot Loop (Type): Smells like the cereal, your children will love it! Begins with top notes of lemon rinds, lime, and grapefruit; middle notes of lemongrass, lily, and verbena; and base notes of vanilla sugar.

Gingerbread: Sweet sugary top notes become the perfect companion to a spicy pumpkin gingerbread with heart notes of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. bottom notes of hazelnut and caramel.

Grape Bubblegum: True to its name, a sweet fruity grape aroma. With added berries, a hint of mint, and lashings of vanilla this is another one to add to the sweet shop.  Top Notes: Grape, Raspberry  Middle Notes: Peppermint, Strawberry  Base Notes: Vanilla, Malt

Gummy Bears: Smells just like when you open up a fresh bag of gummy bears. 

Hawaiian Breeze:  A tropical outdoor blend with fruit notes of orange, pineapple, peach and strawberry combined with light floral nuances of jasmine and lavender.

Honey Wash Kids (type):  A yummy scent that blends crunchy toffee and sweet dripping honey with a touch of bergamot.

Hot Pink Lime:  A refreshing essential oil infused scent of lime and tangerine, middle notes of strawberry and raspberry, all on a base of sweet brown sugar and a hint of oak moss.

Intimate (W) Type:  Top – Aldehydes, Rose, Coriander and Gardenia Middle – Jasmine, Iris, Sandalwood, Cedar and Patchouli Base – Castoreum, Civet, Musk, Amber and Oakmoss

Island Christmas:  Guava, mango, and papaya burst forth with a sweet twist of ripe strawberry, punctuated with the glorious note of freshly plucked peppermint leaf.  Top Notes: Mango, Papaya, Middle Notes: Strawberry, Peppermint, Base Notes: Coconut, Vanilla

Jack Frost:  A wonderful Christmas fragrance oil by Natures Garden. A crisp clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean. Many of our customers sell this fragrance year round by renaming it Buttermint Candy.  Mid notes: sweet caramel , cinnamon, clove bud Dry notes: vanilla bean, creamy nutmeg, allspice, bourbon vanilla 

Japanese Honeysuckle: A sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.

Jelly Beans:  Sweet Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Orange, and Green Apple with a sugary undertone. 

Keeping the Fluff (type): This fragrance is comprised of soft white musk, vanilla, ylang ylang, jasmine, and hints of rose.

Lady Million (Type):  Interpretation of the fragrance by Paco Rabanne. Top Notes – Lemon, Raspberry, and Neroli. Middle Notes – Gardenia, Orange Flower, and Jasmine. Base Notes – Amber, Honey, and Patchouli

Lavender Flowers: A true lavender scent

Lemon Myrtle:  Fresh, green herbal notes perfectly combine with light citrus to create this unique Australian scent.  Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Middle Notes: Lemon Verbena, Sage, Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli

Lotus Blossom: The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity, and fertility. Lotus flowers smell fresh, clean and slightly powdery in nature. Even people who do not like florals usually love this aroma!!

Lotus Flower: (coming soon)  Our lotus flower is an exotic blend of lemon, geranium, jasmine, apple, pear with bottom notes of light musk, patchouli and vanilla. A very beautiful, calming scent.  Top notes: Bergamot, Freesia, Lemon, Apple  Middle notes: Lotus Flower, Lilac, Ylang Ylang  Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk, Anis

Life’s A Beach: Crisp, clean and so much sand, surf and sun. A gentle combination of soft florals and citrus makes this candle a delightful, sweet and delicate fragrance Top: notes: sea breeze, juicy mandarin, sun drenched citrus, peach nectar Mid notes: coconut milk, pink jasmine Dry notes: whipped vanilla buttercream

Lychee & Guava Sorbet: Sweet, vibrant and fresh, with lychee fruit and mixed berries balanced with a fruit burst of guava sorbet, lime peel, and vanilla.

Lychee Peony: A fruity-floral combination with the subtle freshness of lychee fruit and the exquisite softness of peony petals.

Marshmallow: Is a sweet, feminine fragrance oil orchestrated with notes of musk, vanilla, and jasmine.

Mermaid Kisses:  When ocean mist, sea salt, and feminine florals combine; you’ll experience Mermaid Kisses.  It begins with top notes of ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals;  followed by middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed;  sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver. 

Monkey Farts: This unique fragrance begins with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note 

Musk Stick: Musky bottom notes combine with creamy vanilla and earthy patchouli, with mid notes of geranium, grated cinnamon stick, and mint leaf and a sparkling top note of fresh citrus mandarin.

Nautical Splash:  This spicy, sporty blend combines base notes of sandalwood and ambergris, with mid notes of Iris and violet leaves, rounded out with the fresh top notes of lemon and verbena.

Oatmeal Milk – N – Honey:  is the wonderful fresh aroma of hawthorne, with nuances of creamy French vanilla, soy milk and a base note of nutty almond.

Ocean Breeze: The scent of a fresh ocean breeze with a top note of fresh apple, melon, orange, and bergamot. The heart blends lavender and bois de roseleading to a base of woody violet and musk.

Ocean Pearl: The gem of the ocean.  This fragrance is a strong blend of sweetness, florals and the zestiness of the fruit. Top Notes: Sun-Kissed Coconut, Persian Lime, Orange Peel Middle Notes: Cactus Flower, Dewy Greens Base Notes: Sugared Vanilla, Blonde Woods

Old Fashioned Eggnog: Bring on Christmas with this spicy, sweet concoction. A gorgeous fragrance for anytime of the year but so popular at Christmas. really strong notes of spice and cinnamon with the sweetness of the caramel and vanilla bean. Top notes: spicy ginger, lemon zest 

One Night Stand (CK one type): This erotic fragrance oil combines man and woman with one provocative scent. This clean, refreshing fragrance has notes of bergamot, cardamom, pineapple, papaya, amber, and green tea.

Orange Blooms (type): This fragrance has notes of orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rosewood, neroli, sandalwood

Orange Juice:  Fresh from the carton, sweet and mellow orange juice.

Peony Rose: The aroma of velvety rose and clean floral peony petals with subtle hints of green tea, lavender spike and jasmine.

Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits: A platter of the most nectarous ingredients, Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits can only be described as ambrosial with delicious passion fruit and guava notes at the heart, and pink grapefruit adding a sweet richness to this complex blend. Top Notes: Pink grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon Middle Notes: Guava, passion fruit and pink champagne Base Notes: Vanilla, elderflower, and oriental jasmine

Pink Watermelon: is the aroma a fresh, crisp watermelon with a feminine twist!  Truly unique!  Pink watermelon fragrance begins with top notes of watermelon and strawberry; followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose, and green notes;  sitting on base notes of cassis, oakmoss, white woods, and vanilla.   

Pineapple and Coconut: Brazilian pineapple, Hawaiian coconut, and a touch of mango create this delectable tropical fragrance.  Top Notes: Pineapple, Watermelon  Middle Notes: Coconut, Mango  Base Notes: Jasmine, Vanilla

Ripened Raspberry: (out of stock) The natural fruitiness of sun-ripened summer raspberries … juicy sweet with a delightfully sweet and creamy bottom note.

Princess Type: The whimsical blend of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, golden apricot skin, ripe pink guava, Tahitian flower, wild tuberose, dark chocolate, pink frosting accord, precious amber, forbidden woods, royal musk, and chiffon vanilla.

Rainbow: This fragrance is a very unique fragrance beginning with top notes of pear, green grapes, kiwi, raspberry and peach; followed by middle notes of jasmine and lily of the valley; and well rounded with a base note of white musk. 

Rainbow Sherbet:  The aroma of fresh lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry, with creamy base notes of vanilla.  Mouthwatering! 

Raspberry Lemonade: Some zesty lemon, the juice of a lime with a hint of lavender, Raspberry Lemonade is sweet, refreshing and smells just like your favourite. summertime punch.

Redskins: A harmonious fusion of tart raspberry, sweetened by the summer sun.

Reindeer Poo: This fragrance will lift your holiday spirits and add a little magic to your life! Reindeer Poo begins with top notes of apples and pears; followed by middle notes of eucalyptus, pine, and geranium; and well-balanced with base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and patchouli.

Romance (W) Type: Interpretation of the popular Ralph Lauren favourite. A refined, flowery fragrance. Notes of fresh rose, ginger, marigold, violet, oakmoss and musk.

Rose Quartz:  A beautiful floral and musk fragrance. Top: Citrus Peel, Neroli Blossom Mid: Pink Rose, Banana Flower, Geranium Leaves. Dry: Sweet Amber, Sandalwood, Chiffon Musk

Sandalwood:  Sandalwood symbolizes a letting-go of the self. It is believed to promote spiritual practice, compassion, openness, and peaceful relaxation.  Top notes: Honeysuckle, geranium Mid notes: Oakmoss, tonka bean, rosewood Base notes: Sandalwood, white amber, musk, vetiver

Sea Salt & Ocean Breezes:  Take a stroll along the ocean cliffs.  Notes of willow winds, grapefruit, rainfall mist, sea kelp, oud wood, oak moss, patchouli, and Indonesian amber

Seaside Cotton:  begins with fresh ozony marine notes which blend nicely with romantic base notes of sheer musk and amber. Compare NG’s Seaside Cotton to Sea Island Cotton. 

Simply Spa: If you can’t get away for a holiday then a relaxing spa is the next best thing. Simply Spa is a gorgeous, vibrant but relaxing blend  Top notes: Bergamot and thyme,  Mid notes: Clove, white flower, lilac and ylang ylang  Base notes: Light musk, vanilla bean and white cedar

Sinus Relief: Ever smell the scent of vick’s vapor rub? This fragrance is a cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint. Great for stuffed up noses!

Snow Fairy (type): Snow fairy sprinkles sugary goodness wherever she goes!  Opening with sweet, juicy berries, this fragrance is a fruity, powdery delight. Supported by heart notes of candied peach and plum jellies that seamlessly blend with a base of vanilla cream frosting.

Sun and Sand (Type):  is an ozony blend of florals and citrus, combining white flowers, bergamot, orange blossoms, ylang ylang, muguet lily, with a light musk base. A great interpretation of the fragrance by Yankee.

Sweet Pea & Vanilla:  (coming soon) Top notes: Pink sugar, Freesia, Bergamot, Sweet Pea  Middle notes: Iris, Violet Petals, Hibiscus, Coconut Milk  Base notes: Light Buttercream, Vanilla, Tonka, Musk, Sandalwood

Tinsel:  is a refreshing new Christmas fragrance that blends pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.

Tropical Island Holiday: Sandy beaches, coconuts and cocktails. Be transported by this tropical fragrance Top notes: Pineapple, Tropical, Sea Salt Mid notes: Sheer Coconut, Lily, Jasmine, Lush Greens Base notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Sugary, Woody, Tonka Bean, Musks

Unicorn Farts: How does a unicorn fart smell? Fruity notes of goji berries, blueberries, raspberry, cotton candy, creamy vanilla, and sweet spun sugar.

Vanilla Bean: The unmistakable sweet and sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans with a white musk middle note. Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Pineapple Middle Notes: White Musk, Jasmine  Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Buttermilk

Vamp Vogue: is a sexy, gothic statement, beginning with top notes of Blood Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Mandarin; followed by middle notes of Geranium, Bourbon, Oak Moss, and Dark Patchouli; sitting on notes of Black Amber, Sandal Tree, Cashmere, and Musk

Very Vanilla:  With its intense vanilla aroma, subtle touch of cream

Watermelon: The aroma of sweet, juicy watermelon. A slice of Summer!

Watermelon Lemonade: A little reminder of long hot summer days with this refreshing blend of watermelon, lemon, and casaba melon top notes, a heart of marine accords all on a sweet base of blackberry and vanilla bean.

White Diamonds: Smells just like the perfume

White Lily and Aloe (Type):  It opens with a complex array of top notes including Violet Leaf, Mandarin, Blackcurrant bud, Apple, and Melon.  Its middle notes of Lily of the Valley, Lotus, Frangipani, Orange Blossom, and Mimosa bridge the scent, nestled it onto the base of Amber, Sandalwood, and light Musk. 

White Musk (Type): A smooth and sensuous musk fragrance with a floral twist that includes ylang ylang, rose and lily of the valley.  Top Notes: Peach, Clove  Middle Notes: Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver

Witches Brew: is a secret blend that is mystical

Witching Hour: is a fun Halloween fragrance composed of spicy, magical notes.  This accord begins with freshly ground cinnamon bark, and complemented with herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, and rose; and sits on earthy base notes of sheer musk, black tea, and patchouli

Yum Yum (type): Freshly picked strawberries, cherries, peaches, lemons, raspberries, and tangerine laid down a background of softwoods.

These Fragrances can also be used for humans

Pooch Smooch: This fragrance is designed especially for your furry friends, with a lovely melody of sweet melon and crisp cucumber accented by hints of orange slices, violet petals, and fresh lily. Can also be used on humans

Precious Puppy:  This fragrance is designed especially for your furry friends, pink jasmine blossoms, rose petals, and a fruity fusion of ripe apricot for middle notes. Bing cherry and ripe plum round out the fragrance as base notes. Can also be used for humans

Purrs and Paws:  This fragrance is designed especially for your furry friends, with a lovely melody juicy mandarin, tangy lemon, fresh flowers, and tart lime.  Can also be used for humans