Pamper Yourself with Fizz and Bubbles

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How to Pamper Yourself at Home
Whether you had a busy day at work or at home and you want to be rewarded for something special, it can be fun to treat yourself, so why not pamper yourself during the whole month of March.

Why not relax in a warm bath with one of our bath products.  Light one of our lovely candles, while you pamper yourself with one of our pamper packs full of goodies

Himalayan Salt Crystals for Salt Lamps

A large inland sea, buried by mountains and slowly dehydrated millions of years ago is the source for pure Himalayan Salt.  The small mines are believed to have been discovered by Alexander the Great in 326AD in what is now northeast Pakistan

Himalayan Salt Crystals contain high amounts of trace minerals and emit energizing negative ions when warmed.

They have an energizing effect and can improve mood when used with a salt lamp.

When warmed, Himalayan salt emits energizing negative ions, purifying the air, improving mood, and providing a natural feeling light source that is beautiful for day or night.  these negative ions are the same ions found in a naturally rejuvenating source like beaches, mountains, and waterfalls.  negative ions help neutralize positive ions emitted from devices such as phones and computers.

How it works:

Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules

Positive ions can be carried by water molecules

Salt attracts water molecules

As salt crystals warm, water molecules evaporated, neutralizing the trapped positive ions

Benefits of using Goats Milk Products

Many people are still washing their skin with soap made with water.

Switching to soap made with goat milk can truly benefit your skin’s health.

Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way.

Goat milk has a PH level very close to that of your skin.

Goat milk has been proven to aid in reducing acne so much so that many dermatologists recommend it to their patients as a natural path to healthier skin.