Fizz and Bubbles is a small local business in Adelaide, South Australia. We sell a variety of bath and skincare products (but not limited to) Bubble Bath, Soy Melts, Candles, Fragrance Oils, and Fragrance Warmers. All products made at Fizz and Bubbles are suitable for all skin types.

Our newest product available is nail polish handmade by us. We have been making nail polish since 2013 but it is just being released on our website. The pampering continues right down to your fingertips as you explore our exclusive range of nail polishes and lacquers. From perfect pastels to vibrant sassy and bold colours. A shade for everyday wear, to show off your individual style, to suit your mood of the day, or just because you can. Come and explore the range now and try them out today.

We take pride in our products and therefore all products go through rigorous testing to achieve the highest quality possible before they are added to our range.

New products are also researched to enable us to expand our range available and to keep up with current trends.

Kind Regards
The Team at Fizz and Bubbles